A Free Spirit

“A free spirit”s Color Theme is White with accents of cream and light pink.
for honoring the bohemian vibe , we assemble the teepee onsite and it is not premade.
with adding layers of smooth white fabrics, blankets and cushions, a free spirit brings comfort and fashion to the setup. a few lanterns, candles, baskets and glass vases with flowers will complete the setup design.
a free spirit is best for the romantic dates, proposals ,anniversaries and photoshoots.

Always A Bohemian

“Always a bohemian” s color theme varies depending on the season, on going trends and customer’s taste. the teepee plays a big role and will let the setup stand out for the beautiful pictures. a hand braided jute rug, a few cushions and a blanket will make the sitting cozy and comfortable. a low picnic table is decorated with the bohemian tablescape including wine glasses, plates, flatwares ,napkins and candles. for the fashion of boho look, a combination of pampas grass and flowers are embellished the setup.
always a bohemian is best for the couple’s celebrations and surprises , birthday gifts, gateways, dates and of course let’s not forget Instagram photos.

The Golden Hour

“The golden hour”s color theme varies depending on the season, on going trends and customer’s taste. there will be comfortable siting spaces designed around a low table for the party of 4-6.the low table will be decorated with a bohemian tablescape including candles, flowers, plates, wine glasses, napkins and flatewares. our signature logo teepee will be assembled on site and will be decorated by a fashionable taste. having carpets or fabrics and throw pillows will give a true bohemian comfort to the setup. the golden hour is best for brunches, family birthdays ,gateways and photo shoots, double dates, G.N.O and reunions.

The City Of Bohemia

“The city of bohemia” is here in California.
we will share the trending ideas and inspiration pictures from all over the world to bring beautification to your setup. the event scheme will be designed with the help of your preferred colors and vibe, age range of the parties and visiting the location.
a glamorous tablescape surrounded by our signature teepee, cushions, carpets, candles and lanterns, flowers and pampas grasses will make your boheminic, extraordinary. comfortable and cozy sitting and a low tables for 6-12 people will bring an ultimate bohemian energy to the setup.
the city of bohemia is best for the medium to big birthdays, micro weddings, proposal parties, gatherings, G.N.O and gender reveals.

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